SIEGENIA-Top German Brand

More ease and freedom of design in every opening type and in every weight class. Flexible and easy to assemble hardware systems for timber, PVC, aluminum profile systems with many product innovations that bring light as a feather movement to all opening types. Fewer components – more speed. More compression – less wear and tear. With its clear, high-quality appearance, SIEGENIA new concealed hinge side is further evidence that invisibility is now the symbol of quality and style.

Roto-Top German Brand

Roto redefined hardware technology in Europe. Roto Frank is the number one manufacturer of Tilt&Turn window hardware in the industry and Roto NT Tilt&Turn is one of the most successful hardware systems available. Some of the top names in the window and patio door industry depend on Roto for quality hardware. Roto is Excellence in tilt and turn windows, sliding or hinged patio door hardware. Roto hidden hinges are perfect for windows to provide great sealing and energy efficiency and improved aesthetics. Roto now is becoming popular in North America.

MACO-Top Austria Brank

MACO manufacture exclusively in Austria and produce products according to the highest quality standards. To achieve the burglar-resistant version of your window units, MACO hardware use i.S security striker plates (instead of the standard striker plates) and arrange them according to the desired burglary-resistance grade.

Hoppe-Top German Brand

Hoppe made in Europe since 1979 with the consistent quality standards and uniform visual appearance. As a famous brand ,Hoppe is DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmentally-considerate manufacturing and guarantee 10-year on the mechanical operation.

Kinlong-Top China Brand

Kinlong is a large listed hardware construction company in China, stock code 002791. Kinlong hardware adheres to high standards and strict requirements on quality without any room for accommodation. No matter product quality or service quality, zero defects and zero complaints should be achieved to achieve customer satisfaction.

Hopo-Top China Brand

HOPO is a doors and Windows hardware control system solutions provider who committed to create more products that meet the use of regional climate and environment, building a quality living space for each family.Hopo allows users to experience within easy reach of the art of living.