Best Pricing Guarantee

It’s never difficult to look for quality products when ignoring the budgets. However, in real situations, it is more reasonable that we tend to look for the best cost efficiency. With over 20 various scales of factories, WDMA means to bring the products to clients with the best lowest pricing with the same quality of same specifications on frame material, glass type and hardware. What we try to offer is BEST PRICE GUARANTEE to every of our client. With the same specifications and quality, we tend to offer more competitive pricing and most elaborate design and ship the products from our factories directly to your job sites. Our own factories allow us to offer more project options to meet clients’ different quality and budget needs. We mean to provide more reasonable pricing solutions to achieve the better balance between quality and budget when comparing with most Chinese manufacturers.

Instead of standard sizes products, WDMA offers clients the customized products and the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE to provide the most competitive pricing with more possibilities. If you ever find out the the lower pricing than ours, you are free to contact us to match your budget and get a discount of 5 % for your project, on the conditions of SAME specification and quality. WDMA, more possibilities.