WDMA Standard Window Sizing Tool v1.0

WDMA Standard Window Sizing Tool may be used to calculate additional dimensions for wdma windows products. However, all products with exterior casing options can be calculated by manually inputting the exterior casing offsets when the custom option is selected from the drop-down lists.

Enter known dimensions into the sizing calculator below to calculate additional dimensions including unit size, rough opening, casing size and masonry opening. Shim space and sealant gap can be set to your project's requirements. The calculator can also account for any profiled casing size.

WDMA Standard Window Sizing Tool Instructions:
Choose your known dimension and then enter the width and height. (Dimensions must be entered as inches in decimal form. Use the fraction conversion chart as a reference.) Change the shim space and sealant gap dimensions if different than .25 inches. If adding a profiled casing, select your casing style. When complete, select "Calculate".


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WDMA Standard Window Sizing Tool
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WDMA Standard Windows Sizing Tool 2