Apr 22 , 2022

10 Popular Glass Pivot Doors Types


10 Popular Glass Pivot Doors Types

Glass Pivot doors don’t require any hinges, as they swing open in all directions with their pivot points near the door frames. Pivot doors are designed concisely and neat, representing modern elements with bigger glazing panels and more areas for natural lights. With its automatically closing mechanism, not only pivot doors are beautiful but they also offer wider entry, which naturally makes them widely used in personal housing and commercial buildings (like offices). They can be made of different materials from wood to metal, and in various styles from one-panel glass pivot doors to aluminum frame pivot glass doors. Different materials and various styles are designed for specific applications.

Different from traditional hinged doors, glass pivot doors have a more unique design, adding more appeal to a house. They have bigger panels than hinged doors, therefore, much light would be available for the house and make it warmer and brighter. And they are easier to open and install and create better views.

Modern Wood Glass Pivot Door

Most pivot doors are wooden doors of different kinds. Wooden pivot doors are good for both interior doors and exterior doors (or entrance doors). For interior doors, the wooden doors rotate to open, easy for coming in or out. For exterior doors, wooden glass pivot doors are very energy efficient, which can provide you with a warm house in winter and a cool house in summer. No doubt, wood doors are a great insulator for sound. What’s more, the beautiful natural wood grain, plus the unique modern design of the pivot door, is sure to make your entrance doors more than just a little attractive.

You can even insert some glazing into the wooden panel to make your door more pretty. Most of the wooden doors are inserted with different portions of glazing, creating more brighter elements to invite more sunshine into the house. You can go with tempered glass for safety and even frosted glass for better privacy when needed. If the opening is too wide, try one or two tall sidelights at the sides to divide the openings and leave a proper width for the pivot door.

Aluminum Frame Glass Pivot Door

Similar to wood glass pivot doors, aluminum frame glass pivot doors can be for interior doors or exterior doors. Aluminum is strong and easy to finish in over 100 RAL colors, which makes it good to match your desired doors, especially for modern doors with slimmer frames and lagers glazing units. Aluminum frame glass pivot doors are strong and offer many amounts of light into the house.

Aluminum frame glass pivot doors use much amount of glazing, so they create a very bright space for your house or offices. They are great for a balcony or study room. Another thing is that the aluminum profile is water-resist, and that means you could have limitless choices when it comes to the location of the doors. They almost fit every location of doors. More importantly, aluminum frame glass pivot doors are beautiful and come with friendly pricing.

One-panel Clear Glass Pivot Door

One-panel glass pivot doors are the most commonly used pivot doors, good for most openings. Similar to a one-panel-hinged door but unlike it, the glass pivot door can open both inward and outward, flexible and convenient. Nowadays, most window companies offer high-quality tempered glass. Clear glass is one kind of transparent tempered glass, making the glazing look cleaner and more shining and beautiful so your doors always look brand new.

Minimal Office Glass Pivot Door

You can also see glass pivot doors applied in modern offices. When staff needs dry files or laptops to exchange opinions with colleagues, their hands are tied, and probably need someone to help open the doors or need some doors with easy openness like pivot doors. Due to the limited space of the offices, a glass pivot door is a good option to save space yet provide more sunlight for offices. Those pivots doors are easy to open and close and require less maintenance, which makes them perfect choices for busy modern offices. Besides, its modern and unique design is right good to represent the modern styles of the offices.

Frameless Glass Pivot Door

Some of the glass pivot doors can even be frameless, which looks extremely concise and modern. Since there is no frame, only glazing, it can make the room look cleaner while doesn’t affect other decorations. More importantly, you can stop worrying about any maintenance or problems caused by moisture. However, frameless glass pivot doors tend to cost more, so budget is a good factor to consider. Frameless glass pivot doors are often used in locations like bathrooms. What’s more, they are also used for the entrance doors of the hotels or other places that want brighter areas and modern elements.

10 Popular Glass Pivot Doors Types

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