Feb 22 , 2022

6 Top Influential Window and Door Manufacturers in China


6 Top Influential Window and Door Manufacturers in China

As we all agree, windows and doors are great investments in houses. It’s important to buy quality windows and doors, but the questions always are: Where and what can get quality windows? In the previous blog, we name some top influential window manufacturers in North America. Here we are going to name the top influential window and door manufacturers in China, which will be Mylch, TATA , Phonpa, George Building, Mexin, TOPBAN—to name just a few.

1. Mylch Windows & Doors

Mylch Windows & Doors have been making windows and doors since its foundation in1996. Headquartered in Beijing, the company won a good reputation in the window market. Mylch mainly makes high-end windows and doors for customers in China and begins exporting products in USA in 2017. It provides a variety of window styles ( good at casement windows) with various frame options with its factories in Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai. The company has won many certificates and patents in the professional fields. Not only do the company is the first company in China to equip their products with advanced German Technique, but they also commit to research and development to produce quality products.

2. TATA Wooden Doors

TATA Wooden Doors owns many retail stores all across China with a good reputation at wood doors. Founded in 1999 in Beijing, the company quickly developed into a well-known brand with many patents within 2 decades. In 2016, TATA won the title of “China Top Brand Wooden Door” and become the vice president unit of China Wooden Door Association. TATA products feature a concise yet stylish design with an international design team.

3. Phonpa Windows & Doors

Phonpa Windows & Doors, headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China, is a company that is good at providing aluminum windows and doors for customers from China as well as customers from North America and Southeast Asia. Phonpa Windows & Doors are known as their system windows. For styles, aluminum folding doors and aluminum sliding windows, and aluminum sunshine rooms are popular options for average housing and villas.

4. WDMA&ESWDA Windows & Doors

China WDMA & ESWDA Windows & Doors. 

5. Mexin Wooden Doors

Located in Chongqing, the central part of China, Mexin Wooden Doors is known for its quality wooden doors with international certifications like CE certification. Mexin’s wooden doors are with well-recognized quality and reputation, especially security doors, pivot doors, and interior doors. Founded in 1989, the company has been awarded on the list of “ China Top 500 Windows & Doors Company” and “ Top 10 Local Doors Company”. Instead of high cost, Mexin is committed to providing customer-friendly pricing for local and international buyers while it provides a wide option of wood types.

6. TOPBAN Windows & Doors

Located in Hubei, TOPBAN Windows & Doors is one of the largest window manufacturers in China. The company is good at making aluminum folding doors and aluminum tilt & turn windows and sunshine rooms in standard size and customized sizes. TOPBAN is committed to delivering the customers high-quality and energy-efficient aluminum windows. The company also offers great service online and on job sites, which is why so many customers like its products if they want aluminum windows and doors. Besides windows and doors, TOPBAN also does curtain wall projects.

How do I choose the right window manufacturer?

When it comes to window manufacturers, you can have a check on manufacturers in North America or in China or other regions. While it’s good to know some top window and door manufacturers before you decide which to go, yet the golden rule always is “choose the quality window from the right manufacture, not the best manufacturers”. We are all ready to help with your questions about windows and doors, just let us know how we can help you!

6 Top Influential Window and Door Manufacturers in China

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