Mar 21 , 2022

Best Bifold Garage Door Designs


Best Bifold Garage Door Designs

The garage door is a key investment for your car and even the house. The garage door should be easy to operate, be reliable and secure, and last for decades. Compared with swing-out garage doors, bifold doors save more space, and are easier to operate, making them better choices for garage door designs. By the way, they open, there are two main bifold garage doors: vertical and horizontal. Here are a few popular bifold garage door designs.

Residential Vertical Bifold Garage Doors

For residential garage doors, the size of the door is usually for one-car or two-car. With a vertical bifold garage door, the door folds into the inside of the garage and on the air, providing the maximum space in width for homeowners to drive in and avoid fewer situations like the car might be scratched on the side. Vertical bifold garage doors provide a contemporary look and are more stylish but tend to be more costly as they require stronger hardware to uphold the door to make it fold vertically. Vertical bifold garage doors are getting a new trend for residential housings, after all, who doesn’t fancy a good garage door with great aesthetics?

Residential Horizontal Bifold Garage Doors

Different from vertical bifold garage doors, horizontal bifold garage doors is another type of garage door for residential housing. Unlike french garage doors or hinged garage doors, Horizontal bifold garage doors fold to two sides, offering more space in height and easier to operate. It can be opened manually or automatically according to the design. Horizontal bifold garage doors are more commonly used for residential housings than vertical bifold garage doors, as horizontal bifold garage doors are easier to make and cheaper. But it can take up more space in width, you need to think about its design when your garage door is on the same line as your front door. If you prefer a natural touch, you can apply wood to make your horizontal bifold garage doors to bring more appeal to your house.

Commercial Bifold Garage Doors

Commercial bifold garage doors can be larger than residential garage doors. They are usually made of aluminum, as aluminum is a strong, durable, and easy finishing material for doors. What’s more, aluminum garage doors require less maintenance. As for price, aluminum garage doors are more cost-effective and with a contemporary look, making them good for large and bright commercial housings. Aluminum garage doors can be powdered coating finishing in a wide range of color options to display the contemporary look of commercial housings. If you worry about the energy efficiency of aluminum, nowadays many doors companies have applied thermally broken aluminum to prove the energy efficiency, which won’t worry you.

Automated Bifold Garage Doors

Bifold garage doors can be opened or closed manually or automatically. With a remote control or other devices like that, you can easily open your garage to park your car and close it a the parking. Automated bifold garage doors save you time and energy to get out of the car to open the garage for parking. With one click on the button, it opens for you. And another click to close it. It provides more comfort for living. Automated bifold garage doors can be vertically or horizontally, depending on your specific designs. Although it provides much convenience, it does cost a little more on price than manually. If it is an affordable budget for you, go for automated bifold garage doors. It costs more but brings more comfort to your life.

Awning Bifold Garage Door

An awning bifold garage door folds the wood panels up to form the shape of the awning, which you can even keep your garage door opened even on a rainy day. The awning shape provides more air circulation and all-weather ventilation for the garage doors. It looks modern and stylish. Awning bifold garage doors are good to make with glass, making the whole area bright and contemporary.

Canopy-Type Bifold Glass Garage Doors

The canopy canopy-type bifold glass garage door opens, it upholds the door panel on the air, allowing for a more flexible space to park the car. When the canopy-type garage door opens, they fold into a v-shape construct. The two panels fold up, saving more space and providing a unique style for the garage. Due to its delicate design and stylish look, it costs much more than average garage doors.

Hydraulic Overhead Bifold Garage Doors

Hydraulic overhead bifold garage doors swing overhead outward to open for car parking. Make sure no one or car moving close before the panels are fully open. Hydraulic overhead bifold garage doors require stronger hardware to hold the panel open and provide security. Due to its larger size in one single panel, it requires a more experienced production technique, therefore, it costs more than general garage door types. Hydraulic overhead bifold garage doors are used more in commercial housing than residential housing.

Best Bifold Garage Door Designs

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