Nov 14 , 2022

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors


Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing the perfect sliding glass doors for your home can be challenging, especially because of the numerous brands, styles, and designs available. Whether you are building a new house or upgrading your current home, installing sliding glass doors can significantly improve the architectural value of your home. Armed with the right information, you can choose the perfect sliding doors that enhance your house's ambiance and picturesque effect, giving it a homey feeling.

Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have many benefits that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your home. From saving space, providing a seamless connection between spaces, and facilitating natural lighting to enriching your outdoor view, sliding glass doors are invaluable to a homeowner. If you are thinking of installing sliding glass doors rather than the traditional swinging ones, you will not be disappointed.

Here are the different types of sliding glass doors to consider:

● The Lift & Slide Doors

The lift and slide doors add a dramatic visual effect to your home, making it feel comfortable and warm for you and your loved ones. Lift and slide doors are designed for functionality, so they are easy to use, safe, offer an unobstructed view of your outdoors, and help provide abundant light to your home. So, what exactly makes lift and slide doors unique?

Lift and slide doors are embedded with advanced operating hardware that enhances their performance. Depending on your weight preferences, you can get a lift and slide door with different glass panel configurations without worrying that the door will be too heavy to handle. The lift and slide door contains rollers that make it easy to open or close the door.

Lift and slide doors also have a top-notch safety mechanism that makes them ideal for homes or offices. The lift and slide door has a mechanical handle that opens and closes the door when you move it up and down. When you want to open a lift and slide door, lift the mechanical handle to position the door on rollers, making it easy to open. Moving the mechanical handle down helps you close the door and seal it.

● Large Sliding Pocket Doors

If you are searching for a door that perfectly complements the aesthetics of your home, you can’t go wrong with a sliding pocket door. The sliding pocket door is perfect if you have limid space but want an artistic door for your home. A sliding pocket door works by sliding into a hidden cavity in your wall. When building your dream house, ask your contractor to create a sizable hole that is wide enough to fit a sizable door without interfering with the aesthetic of your interior. Alternatively, you can retrofit your old home with a hidden slide-away that can fit a pocket door.

Sliding pocket doors are perfect if you want to optimize the space in your home. Unlike traditional French doors that take up too much space in a room, a sliding pocket door easily hides away, giving you enough room to accessorize your house. Sliding pocket doors allow you to plan your interior decorations without worrying that the door will block your movements because they essentially disappear into walls.

● The Swinging Glass Doors

Swinging glass door is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces. A swinging glass door is quirky, elegant, and translucent enough to provide abundant light that brightens your home.

● The Tilt & Slide Doors

The tilt & slide door combines modern functionality, artistic design, and safety features, making it superior to other types of doors. A tilt & slide door is easy to use since you can operate it with a single ergonomic handle. It makes your room appear bigger by saving space and contains excellent insulation features, giving your home a comfy feel.

Most tilt & slide doors are made of durable materials, helping you avoid maintenance costs by giving you a long service. You can also take advantage of tilt & slide door insulation properties. Since the door is well-insulated, it reduces the door draft, preventing warm air from escaping, especially in cold seasons.

The Perfect Frame for Sliding Glass

If you are looking for the perfect frame for your sliding glass door, look no further than an aluminum-made frame. An aluminum-made door frame is far superior to its competitors because it provides optimized insulation, is thin, and works with all door closure systems. You can get it in various colors and textures, allowing you to customize your door frame to complement your décor.

Different Types of Glazing

Door glazing provides several benefits, including insulation and enhanced security, improving the comfort of your home. Unforeseen circumstances such as noise pollution can affect the quality of your home, making it virtually impossible to live peacefully. With glazing technology, you can insulate your home against vulnerabilities that can impact the quality of life of your loved ones.

Different types of glazing you can use on your sliding doors include:

● Impact Resistant Glazing

Fitting your home with impact-resistant glazing increases protection against burglary. Adding safety glazing on your door makes it difficult for burglars to break in. You can use various security glazing options, including single pane and laminated safety glass, keeping your home secure against forced entry. Single pane glazing consists of a single glass pane that reinforces your door against forced entry by increasing resistance to shock. When broken, single pane glazing doesn’t shatter into tiny sharp pieces but into blunt crumbs that can’t harm anyone.

Laminated safety glass contains upwards of two connected glass panels to provide optimized security. Depending on how thick you want the door glazing to be, you can use as many glass panels as you reasonably can without affecting the aesthetics of the door.

● Ornamental Glazing

Ornamental glazing is perfect when you want protection against prying eyes from the outside. Ornamental glazing is ideal if you don’t want to incur the cost of fitting your door with roller shutters or blinds. For instance, you can add a glazing décor foil on your sliding glass door to give you privacy.

With so many stylish sliding glass doors to choose from, transforming your home into an architectural masterpiece is effortless. Whether you prefer a sliding pocket door for its mysterious effect, lift and slide for its advanced hardware, or swinging glass doors for the amazing visual effects they add to your home, you will not be disappointed.

Different Types of Sliding Glass Doors

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