Oct 18 , 2022

How Much Do Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Cost


How Much Do Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Cost

There are a thousand and one reasons you would want to choose floor-to-ceiling windows for your brand-new or renovated home. For most of us who desire these types of windows, the question of cost will always take precedence. Cost is one factor that is extremely important when making many design choices. Lucky for you, this article explains everything you need to know about the cost of floor-to-ceiling windows for your property.

Why Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

For many modern homeowners, floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming the first choice majorly because of their elegance. The ability of floor-to-ceiling windows to improve your home's curb appeal, allow in natural lighting and expand a small space is unmatched. If you are considering joining the bandwagon and installing floor-to-ceiling windows on your property, here is your green light.

Plenty of Natural Light

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a ton of natural lighting to the house, leaving no room for a dull space. Light-filled spaces are inspiring and enjoyable to be in. They allow the beauty of your interior design to be appreciated.

Natural light also saves on energy bills as you do not have to switch on bulbs during the daytime when you have abundant natural light streaming into your home.

Indoor-Outdoor Connection

There is no better, easier, and cheaper way to connect your indoors with the natural surrounding than by installing floor-to-ceiling windows. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you can easily enlarge your living space into a livable outdoor space that isn't actually on the outside. The windows allow you an indoor-outdoor living experience where you can constantly view the outside. This will enable you to be in tune with nature. Consequently, your well-being will improve.

Improved Curb Appeal

Glass gives a modern, sleek look that is so much in style now. Floor-to-ceiling windows make a house more attractive during the day when sunlight shines through and at night when the light inside the house is turned on. This is more important for homeowners updating their homes for sale or developers looking to attract more potential buyers and make profits.

Expanding Tiny Spaces

If you plan to develop in cities and urban spaces, you have to do with a small lot hence a tiny house. But with floor-to-ceiling windows, your home will never feel claustrophobic. The windows can open up a small space, making it feel larger, brighter, and airier. The absence of solid concrete or block walls gives an illusion of an even bigger space.

Costs of Different Designs

Floor-to-ceiling windows are worth it, and you can expect to spend a few more coins compared to normal-sized windows.

Aspects that impact the cost of floor-to-ceiling windows include:

• Type of glass

• Window size

• Material for the frame

• The thickness of the glass

• Window design

• Features such as sliders

• Installation fees

• Need for reworking structural elements to offer support

• Choice of contractor

Here are the different designs of floor-ceiling windows available:

Window Wall

A window wall is a glass window held in place by the ground slab and roof slab or truss. This floor-to-ceiling window is especially beautiful and elegant as it is uninterrupted by frames giving a continuous flawless and luxurious look.

Placing window walls on the landscaping-facing side of your house to enjoy panoramic views.

In terms of cost, the cost of window walls depends on the customization. The walls are made to suit your home's design, specific measurements, and several partitions. Other factors that come into play include the type of window frame and glass you choose. You may spend between $700 to $1,600 per linear foot for basic window walls. Energy-efficient materials are also likely to drive up this rate.

Geometric Pairings

Sometimes because of structural and design needs, there may arise a need to break up a floor-to-ceiling window with a structural member like a beam or a column. In this case, multiple windows may need to be used side by side or top and bottom to achieve an overall floor-to-ceiling window look. This technique is particularly helpful if you are looking to open up smaller spaces, such as living rooms or kitchen nooks with vaulted ceilings. In addition, geometric pairings are the way to go if you are operating on a tight budget, as they allow you to pair rows of normal windows instead of making special orders.

As for cost, this will be dependent on the window type you select. For a mid-grade picture window, you might be looking at around $450. Also, expect to pay the installer some extra for cutting into walls.

Cathedral Windows

Who said your windows can only be square? Do not be afraid to go gothic if you’re craving a more stately look. Cathedral windows will look good in sitting rooms with high vaulted ceilings. You can also install them in a minimalist breakfast nook that needs some detail. What’s more? You can achieve this look without giving up your home's modern aesthetic. Opt for less ornamental pieces that have angular lines.

Because these windows are considered custom-shaped by window dealers, you will typically incur more for them. The final price, however, largely depends on the level of customization you want to achieve. If you want a refined final product, consider visiting a luxury window seller or frame builder to help design a window that fits your specifications. Resultantly, the cost will go higher as mass production of these windows in factories isn’t possible. Expect to spend as high as $10,000 on a complex piece.


Everyone loves a space with huge appealing windows. From improving natural lighting to creating focal points in spaces and giving you the most amazing views of the outdoors, installing floor-to-ceiling windows is a worthy investment. In addition, a home with these windows fetches a higher resale value in the real estate market compared to one with normal windows. If you want to renovate your home and are out of ideas, this is a direction you can lean in. While you may have to make huge, monetary investments, in the end, it will all be worth it.

How Much Do Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Cost

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