Jun 27 , 2020

How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?


As you know double glazed windows are energy efficient, you are curious to the cost of double glazed windows. The pricing of a window depends on the window specifications, and one of the other decisive element is the frame materials. Vinyl, aluminum, wood, aluminum clad wood are the four main window frames on the current window market.

Vinyl Double Glazed Window Cost

Vinyl Double Glazed windows are also known as upvc, pvc, plastic steel windows and they do not rot, fade, or rust. Their window frames are made of a material called polyvinyl chloride, short for pvc, is a widely-produced synthetic pastic polymer. They are energy efficient and low maintenance. You don’t have to paint them. And vinyl windows last for about 20 years. Among all the windows types, vinyl windows are the most cost friendly, they meet tight budgets.

Aluminum Double Glazed Window Cost

Aluminum Double Glazed windows are good for modern housing. Aluminum profiles are strong and could be slimmer to have slimline touch, which is widely used for windows and doors. Due to its mental properties, aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Thermal break aluminum windows, are more energy efficient as they are with a polyamide bar (PA66) in the middle of aluminum to stop the heat or coldness transmission to achieve better energy efficiency. They are also know as thermally broken aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are easy to be powder coated finishing with over 200 colors options to greatly match your housing styles. Aluminum windows could last for 40 years or longer and their pricing are a litter higher than vinyl but there are not the big gap. 

Wood Double Glazed Window Cost

Wood Double Glazed Window are classic and energy efficient. The wood grain or texture are unique and time-tested, bringing your home the touch of nature and comfort. Wood windows could last for years and years if we do regular maintenance. The pricing of wood double glazed windows not so friendly, and it also depends on you are using softwood or hardwood. Pine, larch is cheaper while oak and mahogany. However, if it’s within your budget, go with wood windows. They are trendy and have more value in a long term.

Aluminum Clad Wood Double Glazed Window Cost

Aluminum clad wood double glazed windows are wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding. Some people might describe they are updated wood windows and that does make sense. With aluminum exterior cladding, it provides strong and durable protection to the wood windows. It keeps the benefits of the wood windows and bonds with the benefits of aluminum windows, which is one of the well-design advanced window frame. Aluminum clad wood windows don’t have competitive advantages on pricing.

We could have listed the pricing of four main double glazed window with different window frame materials, which you could easily check in Google. ChinaWDMA windows means to give you a general idea on the double glazed window cost with different window frame materials. For more detailed pricing for reference, you are free to contact us anytime.

How Much Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

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