Jul 17 , 2020

What do you need to know about Jalousie Windows?


Why are they called Jalousie windows?

Jalousie windows, or Louvre window, are similar to glass shutter windows, which the window sash is made of several operable glass. The word Jalousie is from French for jealousy. It’s said that Jalousies windows is less likely to be peered due to its structures.

How much do jalousie windows cost?

A jalouise window usually cost $ 156 to $ 395 per window, but it varies from manufactueres to manufactuerers. And the installation cost are decided by local areas. China WDMA windows, with over 20 different scales of factories, tend to offer more competive pricing to meet clients' budgetary needs.

Are jalousie windows safe?

Jalouise windows are good for tropical or sub-tropical area because its structure is great for all area ventilation and preventing the rainwater. However, jalouise windows is eady to break into. They are not safe. You might have to install a metal grating inside the an easy relese to get out whenever there is fire.

What can I substitute for jalousie windows?

That’s not a problem. You could substitute them into any window types you like, as long as it could fit the opening and housing styles. Currently, the most popular windows types are crank casement and tilt turn windows. China WDMA windows offers various types with standard sizes and customized sizes to tailor your projects.

Do homeowners still buy jalousie windows?

It depends on where the house of homeowners’ located as jalousie windows are great for wonderful ventilation for tropical or sub-tropical areas. If your area has cold winters, jalousie windows is not energy efficient to protect heat and keep your home warm. The overlapping glass slates don’t seal well to have good insulation. In short, jalousie windows is not so popular, but it is used in some certain areas.

For more about jalousie windows, you are free to reach us for help. 

What do you need to know about Jalousie Windows?

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