Jul 13 , 2020

What do you need to know about uPVC casement windows?


What is a uPVC casement window?

A uPVC casement window is a casement window made of uPVC window frame. A casement window is a window type that it swings open horizontally like a door. It usually hinged at one side and open for maximum ventilation and unobstructed view. Casement window are modern.

 What are the different types of casement windows?

Casement windows could be classified into American style casement window and Germany style casement windows. American style windows usually open outward with a crank rotating in the bottom and a latch to lock at the side. And they usually go with duplex colonial style grilles. Germany style casement windows open inward or outward by a handle pushing out. Tilt turn casement window is typical Germany style casement window with 2 ways of opening as a inward casement or top-opening hopper by different positions of the handles. If there are two equal sashes open inward or outward, then they are French casement window or double casement windows.

What are the standard sizes of casement windows?

Casement windows are classic window type in American housing. The standard casement window sizes go from 14 inches (356mm) to 35.5 inches(902mm) for width, and their height goes from 29.5 inches(749mm) to 77.5 inches (1969 mm). If your rough opening are within the scope, then they are standard casement window size.  

How much do casement window cost?

The average pricing of casement windows start from $ 213 to $ 395, depending on the window frame, glazing options and hardware brand  and others. It also depends on whether you are getting pricing for direct manufacturers or dealers or distributors. China WDMA windows offers factory direct pricing to lower down the cost and bring out more possibilities for your projects.

Are casement window energy efficient?

Fixed windows are the most energy efficient windows, but they cannot open for ventilation but only for lighting. In the window types that open, casement windows are the most energy efficient, right after fixed windows. Because casement window sashes seal well on all sides and there isn’t track to slide on the. They lock rightly to the frame when close.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows?

First of all, casement windows are energy efficient as they seal very well to the frame and they is nothing like track for them to slide to close. Secondly, they allows for maximum ventilation and obstructed view. Thirdly, casement windows are modern and safe and easy to clean and other advantages. The disadvantages of casement windows are they are kind of more expensive and they might not match traditional style housing.

Can I mix casement and double hung windows?  

If you mean installing both casement and double hung windows in the different rooms of the house, yes, you could mix casement and double hung windows, they look good. Or you could make the into casement windows with a simulated double hung look. That’s beautiful and practical. But it also requires the creative design of the window manufacturers.

Do casement window easy to break into?

Casement windows seal well on four sides. When they lock, the sash is pushing against the window frames, there is less likely to open a casement window from outside.

Do casement windows open in or out?

Casement windows open outward with a crank, so they open outside. But if you mean casement windows with a handle, they can open in or open out by pushing the handle inswing or outswing or tilt and turn way.

Do crank casement window have screens?

Yes. Crank casement have screens inside, as they crank open outward. So the screen is better when inside.

What do you need to know about uPVC casement windows?

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