Jul 09 , 2020

What do you need to know about uPVC sliding windows?



What are uPVC sliding windows?

UPVC, or vinyl or PVC, is a plastic steel material that is used to make windows. A uPVC sliding window is a sliding windows made of uPVC materials as its window frame, just like wood windows are made of wooden window frame. A sliding window has two equal sashes with roller on the bottom, the sashes slides on the track left and right to allow for flexible and up to 50% of the ventilation. Upvc sliding windows are easy to operate and take up only the space of the rough openings.

How much does uPVC sliding window cost?

A cost o f a window depends on its frame material and opening ways. Most clients favor uPVC windows are because they are energy efficient and budget-friendly. Sliding windows and fixed windows are also cheaper when compared with other opening ways. A Upvc sliding windows usually starts from $ 80 to $ 300 per windows, but it varies form specifications to specifications and manufacturers to manufacturers. China WDMA, with over 20 different scales of factories, tends to offer more competitive pricing to its clients.  

Are uPVC windows good?

Price is a key factor when buying windows. Upvc windows are comparatively cheaper than aluminum and wood windows. As uPVC windows is not made of mental, uPVC windows perform well at preventing heat into the house, therefore they are energy efficient. Upvc windows are easy to maintain, all you need is daily cleaning without skills. Upvc windows won’t fade, warp. Last not but least, most window suppliers provide longer warranty years for uPVC windows.

What are standard sliding windows sizes?

Sliding windows are good for wide openings. They slide left and right to allow for half area of ventilation of the opening. They are easy to operate and budget-friendly. They are good for places like above the kitchen sinks. The standard sliding window sizes go from 36 inches to 84 inches for width, and their height goes from 24 inches to 60 inches.

Sliding Window Standard Sizes(in)


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Which is better Aluminium or uPVC windows?

Both aluminum and uPVC windows are commonly used in modern housing. But there are some main differences between aluminum and uPVC windows. Aluminum windows are stronger so they could have slimmer frame to feature modern housing. Aluminum has many flexible and versatile design on manufacturing technique and color while you could not do that on uPVC windows. Upvc windows is with good energy efficiency and friendly budgets. They could last for about 20 years.

Are uPVC Windows cheaper than wood?

Yes. Wood windows and wood alu-clad windows are far more expensive than upvc windows. The worry of wood window is you might need regular maintenance to them while vinyl windows needs low maintenance and they are energy efficient. However, wood windows are elegant and could last for years and years while vinyl windows don’t own such benefits.

What is the lifespan of uPVC windows?

Usually an uPVC window could last about 20 years, if with very good quality profiles, maybe 25 years, then you need to replacement them.

Are uPVC sliding windows good for living rooms?

As there will be sofa, TV stand and tea table for the living room, if you install inward opening windows like casement windows, you might need to not to affect the comfort in your living rooms when you are watching TV or relaxing on the sofa with families. However, uPVC sliding windows leave you no worry about that. The sling windows either take up the interior spacer nor exterior space. They offers great convenience to living rooms. Not only for living rooms, uPVC sliding windows are also good for above the sink in the kitchen.

For more information, you could ask for professional consultation from window experts of China WDMA windows.  

What  do you need to know about uPVC sliding windows?

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