Jul 14 , 2020

What do you need to know about vinyl awning windows?


What is a vinyl awning window?

A vinyl awning window is an awning window made of vinyl as its window frame, a plastic steel material, also known as uPVC, PVC or plastic steel material. An awning window is a window type that hinged at top and open outward, also called top hung window. Awing windows provide great privacy and rain, they usually be above or below fixed windows for good ventilation. If it’s hinged at the bottom and open inward, it’s called hopper.

What are different types of awning windows?

As there are two styles of handles, there could be Germany awning windows or crank awning windows. Germany awing windows use a handle to push the sash outward while crank awing use a crank to rotate and open, then use a latch to lock it, which is same mechanism as crank casements.

What are the standard sizes of awning windows?

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They have good ventilation and don’t take up any inside space, so they are great for places like bathrooms and kitchens. The most splendid feature is you could keep the awning windows open for ventilation, even for raining days which is other windows types could not compare. They usually combine with fixed windows in a big opening. The standard awning window sizes go from 24 inches (609mm) to 46 inches (1168mm) for width, and their height goes from 20 inches (508mm) to 93 inches (2362mm).

How much do vinyl awning window cost?

A vinyl awning window usually cost from $ 155 to $ 495 per windows, but it also depends on window specification and window manufacturers. China WDMA windows, with over 20 different scales of factories, tend to provide more budget solutions to its clients.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of awning windows?

As the structure of awning window of opening inward, it’s good for wider opening than taller and it provides great privacy. What’s more, they are energy efficient when closer and they could are safe and remain ventilation even in rainy days. Awning windows are good for places like kitchen or bathroom and damp area. The advantages of awning windows would be like that: you might need a ladder to clean the exterior sides of the awing windows and it’s hard to get existed from the window in the case of emergency.

Are awning windows energy efficient?

Awning windows and hoppers windows are hinged at one side, when they close, they seal tight to the window frame, which is kind of similar to the casement windows. They are energy efficient.

Are awning window secure?

Awning window open outward, usually not over half area of the window sash, so there is not likely for people to come out from outside. When they lock, it’s hard to open from outside. Yes, they are secure.

Can awning windows have screens?

Yes, awning windows could have screens inside. Unlike casement windows, awning windows tend to have retractable screens to offer unobstructed view.

How does awing windows work?

Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, they are good for wider than taller openings. When open, the sash swings vertically and allow for ventilation without compromising the privacy.

What are the differences between awning windows and casement windows?

Both casement windows and awing windows are hinged at side and swing open outward, awning windows belong to casement windows to some extent, although casement open horizontally while awning vertically. Casement windows open and provide the full ventilation and egress requirement while awing windows provide certain percent of ventilation even in rainy days but it cannot be egress windows.

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What do you need to know about vinyl awning windows?

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