Mar 09 , 2022

What is the Common Type and Materials of an Exterior Door


What is the Common Type and Materials of an Exterior Door?

Exterior doors are the most important objects that enhance the visual attraction and also ensure the security of a building, home, etc. That’s why it is crucial to put focus on all these aspects while choosing an exterior door material.

Many materials are important to consider whether you are focusing on security or appearance. If you are deciding to buy an exterior door, you must first keep in mind the door material. So, what is the common type and materials of an exterior door?

In this article, we are going to give you complete information about common exterior door materials. We will also guide you in choosing the best. Let’s read it and get to know.

The most common door materials

1. Wood

Wood is the most common option to consider for an exterior door. For a traditional and comfortable look, there isn't any best option to consider other than wood. It is a durable material and comes in different types. Wood can be strong and weak too.

People who want beautiful traditional designs in their exterior doors go for wooden material. For covered areas, a wooden exterior door is the best option as in open areas there are the chances of wrapping up of these doors.

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of wooden exterior doors.


• Best for a traditional welcoming look

• Have a variety of designs according to material

• Durable

• Eco friendly as wood is a natural material

• Wooden doors can be customized according to choice

• Wood is a highly durable material, so provides security as an exterior door


• Can be weakened due to moist absorbing

• Wooden doors might be comparatively expensive than other door materials.

• Less energy efficient

2. Fibreglass

Fiberglass is the most durable exterior door material. It is becoming popular among homeowners with each passing day. Fiberglass doors come with a lifetime warranty that makes them more appealing to buyers.

Following are some advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass exterior doors that you should surely consider before going to buy them.


• Most durable and strong material

• Need Low maintenance

• Highly energy efficient

• Rich in variety and texture designs

• Weather-resistant


• Fibreglass is one of the most expensive exterior door material

• Highly durable material that is tough to trim that’s why can’t be best for any door size design.

3. Steel

If you want to have an exterior door that ensures high security from intruders, you should surely go for steel exterior doors. These doors need very little maintenance and can be a long-lasting option for exterior doors.

Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of steel exterior doors before giving them a try.


• Steel doors are energy efficient

• Steel doors provide security

• Requires less maintenance as compared to other common exterior door material options

• Steel is a stronger material


• Steel is a rusting material so can’t be a permanent door option

• Steel doors are not the best option for up-gradation of an existing door

• Not weather resistant

Less common door materials

1. Aluminum

For the patio, aluminum doors are the best sustainable option. If you are looking for an exterior door material that not only gives an impressive look to your home but also provides a variety of designs, there isn't any best option other than Aluminum.

Aluminum exterior doors have both advantages and disadvantages. So consider both aspects before choosing them.


• Aluminum is a highly resilient material

• Don’t need to paint it again and again

• Weather-resistant

• Can be customized according to choice

• Long time warranty

• Don't need too much maintenance


• Less energy-efficient as an exterior door

• Expensive

2. Wrought iron

For a stylish exterior look, there isn't any best other option than wrought iron doors. This is one of the most secure exterior door materials that can customize in different styles. These are also very best for the installation of extra add-ons.

Wrought iron doors for patio and entryways are becoming a popular trend. Following are the pros and cons of wrought iron doors.


• Highly durable

• Weather-resistant

• Accommodates natural light

• Energy efficient

• Most stylish exterior door option


• Comparatively expensive exterior door option

• Heavy material

• Require a highly experienced person for installation

3. Vinyl

Vinyl exterior doors are setting the new trends in styles. It is the best option for patio doors and can be considered the most preferable entryway door material. Following are the pros and cons of vinyl external doors.


• Vinyl is a low-cost material so is its doors

• Energy efficient

• Weather-resistant

• Need a low maintenance


• Don’t have an attractive look

• Less strong as compared to other door materials

Exterior door types

1. Storm doors

These are the doors that protect your home from certain natural disasters and can be the best energy-efficient option. Storm doors come in several materials and designs. You can have steel, aluminum, or composite materials' storm doors.

2. Sliding glass doors for patio

For a more defined and stylish patio look, sliding glass doors are the best options to consider. These doors ensure the highest security and are one of the most appealing exterior door options. Sliding glass doors are sunlight welcoming doors with many attractive qualities.

3. French doors for patio

Giving your home an elegant and decent look, French doors are the most preferable option. Due to its durability and many other appealing features, you can't overlook them. For a secure and privacy-friendly exterior door option, don't ignore the French patio door option.

Hire a Quality Door Contractor

We have discussed the most appropriate exterior door material and types of options for you. There are many other options too. Hopefully, this article has helped you to have the most suitable choice of exterior doors.

After the material and type selection for your exterior door, the next crucial step that you have to take is the search for a highly trusted door contractor. A quality door contractor can turn your dream into reality with his skills. So don't ignore this point for your betterment.

Good Luck!

What is the Common Type and Materials of an Exterior Door

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