Dec 12 , 2019

"Co-construction and sharing · Cooperation and win-win"-the ESWDA


Introduction to The ESWDA

The ESWDA, established on October 14, 2017, currently has nearly 300 members. The alliance relies on the enterprises entering the ESWDA Industrial Park, and is jointly initiated and established with well-known windows and doors, and related supporting enterprises in the industry. Under the alliance, there are professional committees for supporting windows and doors and professional committees for all-aluminum home furnishings. It is a professional organization in China's window and door industry operating on the principles of marketization, specialization, and scale. With the fundamental purpose of "serving for membership development"," building a win-win platform for the industry, and promoting the development of the door and window industry" as our mission, with the slogan "the world's best windows and doors, made in Linqu, China". We actively build a platform for industry research, resource sharing, and information exchange, with the goal of long-term and effective operation, and comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises in the window and door industry.

The purpose of the alliance is: unite, unite, and organize member companies to effectively serve the development of the enterprise; standardize internal self-discipline in the industry, unify employment standards and technical standards; achieve group development of member companies, technical exchanges, and information exchange; give full play to the role of bridges and bonds;

Carry out practical and effective industry exchange activities; organize member companies to participate in conferences, organize groups to participate in exhibitions, and participate in various foreign affairs activities; innovate corporate development ideas, broaden sales channels, and create industry-leading brands, etc.

Next, let’s take a look at the photos of the ESWDA members participating in the event.



"Co-construction and sharing · Cooperation and win-win"-the ESWDA

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