Jan 12 , 2021

The ESWDA organizes member companies to visit Linyi


On January 11, 2021, the China-EU Energy-saving Door and Window Industry Development Alliance organized more than 40 member companies to visit Linyi City for inspection, exchange, and study. The companies visited this time are three alliance member companies located in Linyi: Shandong UKEA Windows, Linyi Zhongbo Penghao Glass, and Shandong NINE CRAFTSMAN Windows.

Group photo at Shandong UKEA Windows
Group photo at Zhongbo Penghao Glass

Group photo at NINE CRAFTSMAN Windows

The companies participating in this investigation and exchange include Milano Windows, KINCONA Windows, Huada Windows, Newcastle Windows, XING GUAN Glass, Taihuikang Door Industry, Ed Muller Windows, DEUTER Windows, EOSS Windows, JUREN Windows, Xinhuayi Sunshine Room, Sperry Windows, Vignos Windows, Huajian Economic and Trade, Jin Yuliang Hollow Blind Glass, Haotian Door Industry, Meidao System Windows, QZCNC (JMD), Colorful Door Industry, Ruimei Hardware, Wood Sound System Windows, MG Metal, Jinchi Metal, Xingyao Wuzhou Sealing Strip, Yanglin Building Materials, Zhuyou Adhesive Strip, BOTAG Insulation Materials.

After years of continuous exploration and practice, Youdian Windows has realized the integration of order acceptance, design, production, and logistics. It truly takes the customer demand as the source point, meets the customer demand as the end, all employees correspond to the goal, and the goal corresponds to all employees. It is the first to realize the standardization, information, and intelligence of the whole process.

In Penghao Glass Company, everyone visited the production site under the leadership of the company's person in charge. The company introduced the world's most advanced Austrian LISEC Asia's first TPS warm-edge insulating glass production line, leading a new journey in the livable and low-carbon new building materials industry of "green, durable, energy-saving and emission reduction".

NINE CRAFTSMAN Windows is a brand that has been stationed in Window Expo City all year round and has the qualification of a second-level enterprise in China's metal industry. The company's workshop area is more than 15,000 square meters, with standardized workshops and modern management. There are more than 40 engineers and technicians, domestic advanced robots, CNC double-head cutting machines, CNC end milling, and other high-precision production equipment and testing equipment. The busy figures of the workers in the workshop let us feel the vitality of this enterprise.

The above three companies are all members of the WSEDA. Through the visit and exchange activities of this alliance, the mutual trust and understanding among members have been strengthened, complementing each other's strengths, promoting mutual learning, and further creating a solid foundation for better development, mutual benefit, and win-win results.

Since the establishment of The ESWDA, it has often organized alliance companies to visit major exhibitions and well-known companies to exchange and learn, strengthen cooperation between member companies and advanced companies across China, share development opportunities, and greatly broaden corporate development ideas and horizons. The ESWDA's role as a bridge and link is becoming increasingly prominent.

The ESWDA organizes member companies to visit Linyi

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