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What are the Standard Garage Door Sizes


What are the Standard Garage Door Sizes

Garage doors have varying sizes and dimensions. There is a wide range of garage door sizes to choose from and it depends on factors like your budget and preference. However, garage door sizes come in different dimensions and you should therefore have the ideal measurements before making a purchase. There is no specific size for all garage doors. Additionally, purchasing a door because you like its design may be an expensive venture if the dimensions don’t suit your garage doors. This article is going to outline different standard garage door sizes and different designs for various properties.

Standard Sizes of Single Garage Doors

The standard size for single garage doors is usually 8 feet in width and 7 feet in height. Some single garage doors range up to 18 feet high and 7 feet high. The height of most single garage doors ranges from 6 feet to 8 feet or 6 inches. However different builders use varying dimensions for single garage doors. These dimensions are ideal for cars to fit right through the door. However, if your car is wide you should consider getting a double garage door for it to fit comfortably. Also, cars that are taller than usual may have a problem fitting through the door. Nevertheless, you can have your garage door custom-made for your car to fit.

Standard Sizes of Double Garage Doors

The standard sizes for double garage doors are 16 feet by 7 feet, 9 by 7 feet, or 12 by 7 feet. However, the size of your car is what determines its capacity. Most double-door garages can comfortably hold two cars. Conversely, wider and taller cars take up alot of space and your garage may be limited to only one vehicle. Measuring the height and width of your cars is paramount in getting the right measurements for an ideal garage door.

Can I Change the Size of My Garage Door?

The short answer is yes. However, you need a professional to do the job as changing the size of your garage door is a tedious task. However, changing the size of your garage door can be costly. Additionally you may also need a permit and it's therefore best to consult with a contractor before making any changes. You can change your garage door for your cars to fit properly. However, doing it yourself can be challenging. You need an experienced fitter to give you the right specifications and give you options to choose from.

Measuring Your Garage

Measuring your garage needs to be done the right way for it to suit your specific needs. While there is plenty of information on how to do it on the internet, it is best to use a professional to get efficient results. Experienced fitters have the right experience and skills needed to get you accurate measurements. They also measure the width of your cars to create sufficient parking space. Also, experienced fitters will give you different options and specifications as different garage doors vary in size.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Even with proper maintenance, garage doors eventually lose their initial quality due to wear and tear. Additionally,the growth of interior design has led to major advancements and contemporary designs to choose from. So whether you are just intrigued by a new design or your garage door doesn’t suit your specific needs, there are some indications that it’s time to get a new garage door. They include the following:

Sagging Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are prone to sagging. Additionally, they rot easily after many years of extreme weather conditions like the extreme heat and heavy rain. So when the garage doors no longer serve your purpose, it may be time to upgrade to a new garage door if your doors start sagging.

Repeated Noise

If your garage makes repeated noise while you are opening and closing the door, it may be an indication that it needs maintenance. Regular maintenance can be financially draining and you may find that purchasing a new garage door is more cost-efficient.

Your Garage Door Lacks Efficiency and Safety

Your garage door might not have the latest safety features if it was installed a long time ago. With time it may stop being efficient. To avoid further frustrations, you may need to replace your garage door with a more functional one. Improper weather strips and sealing joints may be hazardous to you and your family. You can purchase modern garage doors that have sensors and close automatically when they detect motion.

Aged Design

Some antique designs are nice and unique. However, some old designs may be unpleasant to look at and that means it’s time to upgrade to a new design. You can get a fitter to install garage doors that match the design of your home and are not rickety.

Difficult to open and Close

Garage doors that are old often tend to be rickety and hard to open. A garage door that is hard to open can be time-wasting and frustrating. Additionally, you will incur a lot of costs in repairing, so it would be best if you got a new one installed. Speaking to an expert about professional fitting may be just the solution you need. Your fitter will look at your garage and help you determine the ideal doors while looking at factors such as the number and size of your cars. Also they might look at the design of your house and install doors to match its design.

The Takeaway

There are different sizes of garage doors and they come in different specifications and designs. The design you choose should be ideal to fit your cars comfortably. While single garage car doors are enough for one car, you may need a double garage door if you have two or more cars. Additionally, if your car is big, a double garage would work best. With the many designs available, changing your garage doors is quite easy. Also, sometimes repairing broken, old and inefficient garage doors is more expensive than purchasing a new garage door altogether. Whatever door you decide on, you need to have a professional get the measurements. Doing it yourself can be a tasking process. Additionally experienced fitters can make the ideal measurements to get you garage doors that are fit for you.

What are the Standard Garage Door Sizes

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